Pillow Talk

$97 – THE CREAM @InYourFaceSkincare.com

Ever go to sleep at night with a new night time moisturizer, hoping to wake up with glowing skin? I do, all of the time and most often I’m not disappointed.

I’m a huge fan of peptides, they get my skin glowing faster than anything else I remember trying, then there is a few new-comers on the scene that are destined to become beauty cult favorites, essentials one can’t sleep without. I like my current rotation for different reasons, my results are glowing.

Advanced Anti Aging Moisturizer

Glycolic acids are another favorite of mine, as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid, which helps the skin with inflammation.

These days there is so much to choose from, from Clean Beauty, to Pharmaceutical, and Dr. Recommended.

$54 – Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream @ITCosmetics.com

Just remember these all have been tried, and get my vote, because isn’t your skin an investment? I know mine is.

Here’s to running around chic with glowing skin!

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Founder, Writer& Editor of www.citygirlinredlipstick.com and www.mylifeinbeauty.com - you can also find me on www.examiner.com

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