Style Profile: Denice Duff, Actress, Photographer, and Founder of In Your Face Skincare

Courtesy of In Your face Skincare

Denice is an inspiring woman, with being an actress, director, photographer and now the founder of the New Cult Beauty Brand, In Your face Skincare, she’s reinvented herself time-and-again proving that you can have a family and a career that produces results, anti-aging results that helps women look and feel their best without using harsh chemicals on their skin.

Courtesy of In Your face Skincare

Denice has been busy with new formulations to add to her already successful skincare brand, but found time to answer a few questions.

Funny Face

Fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn. Because she made everything work, fashion-wise. She had such a sparkly personality, she was lovely in heels, she was lovely in a pants suit and likewise, lovely in a ballgown.

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And you didn’t notice the clothes, you just still always noticed HER. They were an extension of her. They were a part of her. They effortlessly made sense. 

Courtesy of Denice Duff – in the Maxi Dress
Courtesy of Denice Duff

Last piece of clothing you purchased before the Pandemic: A flowy maxi dress in Dubai. It was on sale for $32. It’s a long sleeve, muted Indian floral pattern maxi dress. It was very pandemic friendly because it was very comfortable and simple but it makes everybody happy when I wear it. It’s one of the most complementary dresses I’ve bought. 

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Last book read: Do audio books count? It was “Saturday’s Child: A Daughter’s Memoir”. Having lost my mom two years ago, it was consoling to dive into that. 

Favorite Restaurant: Mozza in LA. Their burrata made me cry and made me wonder why I’m living in the USA and not Italy.

6602 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
323 297 0100

Courtesy of Denice Duff

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: Linen pants with pockets and a thin oversized gray sweatshirt….with well-worn leather sandals ….and plenty of my favorite boho  jewelry.

Source of Inspiration: My music list and texting friends if they need any help. If I’m not feeling on fire, I’m probably not doing enough so I reach out to friends and see if they need anything and that fuels my own tank. And also cooking. Cooking heals a lot of wounds for me.

Courtesy of In Your face Skincare

Describe your beauty routine: I do a fruit enzyme exfoliation 4 times a week. My skin really LOVES this! I’m also a fan of oils. I love dewy naked skin. And I only put concealer on just where I need it – under my eyes and a few dots around my nose. A dot of lip and cheek tint and a few swipes of mascara. 

Courtesy of In Your Face Skincare

As a photographer I love naked skin on women’s faces. I was also a makeup artist for many years. I did some of the sparsest makeup for my female clients and they always said it was the best they ever looked. 

Courtesy of In Your face Skincare

Why is clean beauty important: Because what we put on our skin does go into our body and the effects of these synthetic and toxic ingredients may not take a toll within a year or two but I want to be a great-grandmother and it’s just another essential step in staying healthy.

Courtesy of In Your face Skincare

I don’t think anyone would really expect to eat McDonald’s and Twinkies every day of their life and expect to remain healthy so I like to apply that discipline to my skincare. Like my Italian great-grandmother said to me, “A healthy inside is a healthy outside”. 

Here’s to running around chic with healthy glowing skin! To learn more about In Your Face Skincare .

@InYourfaceSkincare on Instagram.


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