Style Profile: Amelianna Loiacono-“Italienne Stylist in Paris”

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas
Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

I met Amelianna at my friend Sergio’s, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. He was filming a beauty tutorial on Saturday morning for his YouTube channel, and she was his model that morning.

Amelianna, who was visiting from Italy, sat patiently on a stool in front of the camera with her cute dog Rocco in her arms, as Sergio applied a shiny eyeliner on her eyelids and filmed. Rocco was calm and seemed familiar on sets, he was very well trained, and so cute…

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas
Sergio applying make-up on Amelianna

Her transformation was pretty and refreshing, Sergio created an appropriately Spring look and Amelianna was happy with her makeup application. After the shoot, I got to know Amelianna a little during our conversation back to the Arc de Triumph where we both hopped on the metro. She was heading back to Italy after being in town to style a shoot for a fashion magazine and visit with her Italian boyfriend who also commutes back and forth from Italy to Paris.

I was curious about Italians in Paris and asked her a few questions, like why are Americans obsessed with European designers……

Jane Birken

Who is your Fashion Icon: Jane Birkin

Who is your favorite designer: My favorite designer is Yves Saint Laurent, he was the most innovative, the most elegant, the most modern of all.


In your opinion, why do you think Americans are obsessed with European designers: I believe it is European culture in general that fascinates Americans. Our history, and our identity that is reflected in fashion.

What is your European beauty advice for Americans: I only love natural products I recommend a line of organic products for the beauty routine of a make-up artist in Milan thé name is Co_organicskincare

How long have you been a stylist, and Do you love it: I started my job in ’97 and I continue to do it with the same passion of my first day.

Where do you live: Milan.

Sorbillo Pizza

Where is the best pizza in your city: I love pizza, the best Pizza is “Gino Sorbillo” which is made by Neopolitans. @sorbillo

What is the future of fashion week and fashion magazines in this post covid world? Any new covid-inspired trends you hope will remain: I can’t predict what will happen, I can’t be optimistic right now but I know that we all want to live free again and I hope that from this desire there will be a great rebirth.

How have you handled the confinement and continue to work, how have the past two years changed you: I continued to work but I stopped traveling, and this was a huge limitation for my work. Very often my editorials are inspired by a location. I worked in Japan among the cherry trees in bloom, in the desert dunes of Namibia. , in ocean view villas in Malibu …. and with the pandemic all this has finished.

Courtesy of Amelianna Loiacono

Do you have a beauty routine you travel with, or product you can’t live without: I always carry skin protection cream, and eyeliner and mascara with me, nothing more.

Courtesy of Amelianna Loiacono

Here’s to Running Around Chic in Paris!

To follow Amelianna on Instagram @Amelianna70 or @archivioloiacono 

*Note: Amelianna is a Stylist, and her Italian expertise is what you will find in all if not most of the European Fashion magazines, Italian commercials and advertisements. She’s also an influencer on Instagram with more than 10K followers and if you aren’t following her now, you should for her iconic styling…

by Cindy Lucas @LosAngelinainParis



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