My Current Wish List

My current wish list isn’t very long, let’s just say I indulged myself this past holiday. I played Santa Clause and of course I bought my Valentine’s Day gifts early, why you may ask? Because with the pandemic, shipping could be an issue and if you order with enough time, there shouldn’t be any disappointments.Continue reading “My Current Wish List”

What I bought Myself for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I finished all of the Christmas shopping weeks in advance of Xmas. I also bought myself my own Christmas presents, because who doesn’t do that? I’ll be honest though, I live in the same old clothes day-in-day-out. I am storing everything for when this pandemic is over and IContinue reading “What I bought Myself for Christmas”

Style Profile: Rolanda Costa, Private jets Flight Attendant, Lisbon, Portugal

Rolanda is a woman that inspires, she exhumes beauty in all that she does. She’s a Jet-setter that travels the globe and befriends all those she comes into contact with, her radiant smile is contagious. Rolanda is no stranger to interviews and is as easily comfortable wearing a ballgown as she’s wearing jeans and sneakers.Continue reading “Style Profile: Rolanda Costa, Private jets Flight Attendant, Lisbon, Portugal”

Everything’s Coming-Up Pearls

Lately I’ve been obsessed with earrings, as my sister Wendy say’s “Your jewelry walks into a room with you, you put your handbag down, but you’re always wearing your jewelry.” I recently noticed a trend that pearls seem to be the focus, pearls are always in style, but lately have taken a front row seatContinue reading “Everything’s Coming-Up Pearls”

Style Profile: Mira Singh, Senior Retail Executive, Toronto, Canada

Mira is one of those women that looks effortlessly pulled together, she mixes Zara, Claudie Pierlot, and Sandro with patterns from Anthropology (to mention a few) with other brands for a chic aesthetic. She’s as comfortable wearing heels as she’s wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos or Veja. Weather she’s glammed out or not, she’sContinue reading “Style Profile: Mira Singh, Senior Retail Executive, Toronto, Canada”

Small Accessories

I have been shopping with Cuyana for years, I love that they use sustainable materials, something just isn’t right about wearing anything too flashy these days and I consider Cuyana affordable luxury. I recently purchased their Slim Wristlet Wallet, in red with my initials embossed. I love that my cell phone fits perfectly. Perusing theContinue reading “Small Accessories”

The Acceptable Scrunchy

Everyone remembers the scene in Sex & the City where Carry and Berger had the scrunchy argument, Carry was right at the time, no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy. But times have changed, women now more than ever are taking better care of their hair. With the pandemic in full-swing weContinue reading “The Acceptable Scrunchy”

Satin Poplin Off-the-Should Tunic @Tibi

Recently on Instagram I saw a picture of Karla Martinez de Salas (Who I follow by the way) and fell in-love with her Tibi Tunic. This is the perfect tunic to wear this spring/summer and it’s available in a variety of colors. It’s also a fresh take on the basic white shirt. Liking darker colors,Continue reading “Satin Poplin Off-the-Should Tunic @Tibi”

Quote of The Day

I have various fashion/beauty blogs I read on a daily basis, let’s just say I’m obsessed with great ideas.  I look to women in general for inspiration.  SJP comes to mind, and I’ll always read her interviews and while doing that this morning I came across a quote that speaks truth. When I’m getting dressed,Continue reading “Quote of The Day”