The first thing I notice about a person, believe it or not isn’t their personal style, or what jewelry they’re wearing. I notice their skin, and whether it’s clean or not. I notice sunspots, even skin-tone or if their skin looks dehydrated. Before diving into this blog, I wrote purely about beauty, mainly skincare.

PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK $67 @inyourfaceskincare
Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask $38

Before the pandemic, I was masking every other day, I use all sorts of masks, my preference is purification masks as clean skin is important to me. Those types of masks come in all variations, I mainly relied on mud masks. But after an enzyme peel mask, I relied on a soothing mask that infused hydration by Bel’Océane . To give yourself an at-home-facial, you require a mud mask, an exfoliation mask, my preference is to use something organic and good for you like the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from In Your Face Skincare, and then a hydration mask, because after removing dirt and dead skin you need to add hydration back in to your skin.

These are the masks I tend to use, they are effective and budget friendly. Masking-up is an excuse to lay-down and take a break, just don’t fall asleep wearing a mud mask or exfoliating mask.

Here’s to running around with clean skin!


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