Style Profile: Lucia Gómez, Jewelry Designer, Lucia G, Barcelona

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

Discovering Lucia’s jewelry is like discovering the holy grail. Her pieces are gorgeous, which makes owning a piece of her jewelry an ultimate status symbol. Her pieces are handmade, and you can commission pieces from her selection of beads and other materials. She basically sells though her instagram page, but I’m hoping to entice her for a visit in-person once the pandemic is long and gone. She’s currently working on a website, stay tuned.

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

She’s been busy designing but found time to answer a few questions.


Fashion Icon: The truth is that I don’t have one defined fashion icon, I have quite a big potpourri of people I admire. I like to look at what’s different and the details of each one, and often it’s not so much what they wear in terms of pieces, but what they show with their fashion and personality. Even so, if I had to choose one, it wouldn’t be from the fashion sector, but the great actress Cate Blanchett, I’m amazed by her way of being elegant at all times and with everything she wears.

Can Vallés- Carrer, Abrago, 95, 08015, Barcelona

Favorite Restaurant: In Barcelona, my city, I choose Can Vallés, a restaurant that at first sight may not seem very attractive, as it is tiny and has the aesthetics of a typical bar here in Spain, but the food… unbeatable. This is my top recommendation if you’re visiting Barcelona and want to try authentic, traditional Spanish Mediterranean food with a modern twist. The only downside is that they rarely have a table, and the waiting lists are months long, so I guess that’s not a bad sign either.

@United Nude

Last item of clothing purchased before the pandemic: A pair of black and lilac platform sandals from United Nude; comfortable, versatile, and with a good design, basically the characteristics that I prioritize in any fashion-related purchase, and that I also apply to the designs of my pieces.   


Last book read: I recently watched the two seasons of “My Brilliant Friend” on HBO and loved it, and when I found out that the story came from a series of books of the same name by Elena Ferrante, I couldn’t resist and bought the whole series – I’m about to finish the third one.

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

How do you find inspiration, your jewelry is stunning: 50% in my clients and 50% in my environment. The clients are a big part of the essence of my brand and have a great influence on my creations, as I always deal with them on a one-to-one basis and I like to leave a margin in my commissioned pieces so that they can express their personality and tastes. The other half of my inspiration comes automatically from rummaging around and finding material that I have stored in my atelier, material that I collect from travels, antique shops, decoration shops, etc.

Beauty Routine: I have very delicate and combination skin, so I take a lot of care with my routine. It consists of make-up remover with oil (at night), cleansing gel, serum (vitamin C / acids or retinol), moisturizer, and SPF (in the morning). In terms of products, I’m always changing but they usually range from pharmacy products to my own dermatologist’s brand, I’m currently trying some from The Ordinary and I’m quite happy with them. Even so, my best routine is not a product, but a habit that I adopted a long time ago, and that is not to sunbathe too much, I am not exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes, especially on my face, and I always use my favorite sunscreen ISDIN Water Fusion SPF 50. Both in summer and winter (less so), I use facial self-tanners, there are wonderful ones that leave a very healthy tone and don’t leave patches, such as Tan-Luxe The Face.

Plans for after the pandemic: A trip with my two sisters and my mother anywhere. 

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

By the way, just so that if you plan to make a purchase while in Barcelona, Lucia G is well-known for her cuffs. To follow Lucia G @luciag_barcelona. Here’s to running around chic…..


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