Made in Paris during Confinement: “La Pluie Paris” Soy Handcrafted Scented Candles

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

Paris is still on confinement, and since the distribution of the vaccine is so slow, businesses are still closed in Paris and all of France, so on social media as I was searching for new local scented candles, I came across Yagmur Erester Kozimor…

Tagmar Erester – Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

She is a recent Parisienne who moved from Turkey with her Polish husband and she began her Vegan Soy candle business from home to compensate financially. We connected and I couldn’t help but want to support, because I’m all about sisterhood and supporting our local artists. She also described them as being fruitful and very calming Zen, I was intrigued.

Cactus Flower and Jade Scented candle by La Pluie Paris

Yagmur was delivering candles herself and I was able to ask her a few questions about opening up a business in Paris during confinement.

What inspired you to start your “La Pluie Paris” candle business now:

I moved here just before the confinement last year to finish my French courses on “Care and Spa”, but since the pandemic and the all the closures and restrictions, I was going through hard times. I started making candles as a hobby, and my friends encouraged me to make a business of it, my husband also was supportive because our apartment was always smelling so good, so then it began. I never thought about starting my own business, it’s a new adventure in another country, that was the biggest step.

How do you like Paris:

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

I like Paris. In the winter, I hate it, it’s so dark and the cold weather, the short days in winter, sad vibes, I’m from Turkey where its sunny.

Tell me about your candles.

They are 100% Hand crafted Soy candles, Paraban-Free, CLP Classification packaging. I design every label, It’s all just one person, moi and now I’m trying to promote through social media, circle of friends and FB groups like how I met you, I got good feedback from that group. I’m also adding aromatherapy and crystals to the collection

Courtesy of La Pluie Paris

Tell me about those delicious sounding scents:

I have to two collections, The Core Collection and the Spring Collection which includes, Ocean Blossom, Jade and Plumera, so floral, Cactus Flower and Jade has more of a green flower scent. The Core collection consists of scents like “Musk clean” to a “clean laundry” scent, Citrus and sweet fruits, everyone can find something according to their tastes, so I try to keep it funky and different. My new scents are Marshmallow + Fire and Black Raspberry + Vanilla.

Courtesy of La Pluie Paris

Here’s to enjoying “La Pluie” as candles during this rainy Spring day in Paris . Thanks Yagmur, she’s running around Chic in Paris.

Tagmar Erester, founder of La Pluie Paris

You can find her on her social media platforms on FB/ lapluieparis, on Instagram @lapluie_paris and at her eshop

Written by Cindy Lucas




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