Style Profile: Gabriela Hernandez, Designer, Cosmetics Historian, Founder of Bésame Cosmetics

Gabriela really needs no introduction, she herself is an iconic figure in her own right. Her brand is one of the first Clean Beauty brands around, before Clean Beauty became a part of popular culture, each lipstick is made with no parabens or mineral oils, each lipstick or piece of makeup is created locally hereContinue reading “Style Profile: Gabriela Hernandez, Designer, Cosmetics Historian, Founder of Bésame Cosmetics”

Beauty Cult Sensation – Doctor Rogers “Restore”

This past weekend was the first weekend that started early and lasted longer, you can say that my skin suffered for it. It was the right time to apply Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream and the Healing Balm. I’m a lip-balm addict too, so I slathered that on as well, after I cleansed my skinContinue reading “Beauty Cult Sensation – Doctor Rogers “Restore””

The Universal Sneaker

Over the past weekend I was at the Ferry Building, picking up oysters from Hog Oyster Island, hotdogs from Golden Gate, and hotdog buns at ACME. I was outside, taking in the view of my city when I saw her, she was an older lady on vacation, she was wearing an oversized coat, big sunglassesContinue reading “The Universal Sneaker”

Style Profile: Melissa L. Smith, Founder of Enotrias Elite Sommelier Services and Sky Somm

I had the opportunity to be part of a Champagne tasting class, and I had the most fun, it was virtual but it felt like Melissa was in the room with you, not only teaching me about Champagne, but about how to pair specific wines, sparkling’s you name it. It was like a party, theContinue reading “Style Profile: Melissa L. Smith, Founder of Enotrias Elite Sommelier Services and Sky Somm”

Style Profile: Denice Duff, Actress, Photographer, and Founder of In Your Face Skincare

Denice is an inspiring woman, with being an actress, director, photographer and now the founder of the New Cult Beauty Brand, In Your face Skincare, she’s reinvented herself time-and-again proving that you can have a family and a career that produces results, anti-aging results that helps women look and feel their best without using harshContinue reading “Style Profile: Denice Duff, Actress, Photographer, and Founder of In Your Face Skincare”

Is the Scarf Making a Comeback?

Scarves have been a favorite accessory for decades. They can be tied in your hair, on your handbag, tied around your neck in various ways. I didn’t realize I could wear a scarf along with my pearls until I watched Nicole Kidman play Grace of Monaco. I’ve looked everywhere for an example, but could notContinue reading “Is the Scarf Making a Comeback?”

Le Cinéma – Joanna Kulig

I didn’t realize I was a Joanna Kulig FAN until “Cold War” I’ve seen 5 of her films and now I just want to see everything she’s ever been in. She reminds me of Kim Basinger, talented and gorgeous. Joanna received the the Best Actress Award at the 31st European Film Awards for her role in “Cold War”Continue reading “Le Cinéma – Joanna Kulig”

Style Profile: Mr. Mortimer’s Wife, England

I’m a lover of the dramatic, gothic, elaborate and sumptuous, I fell in-love with Mr. Mortimer’s Wife, the Tiaras are gorgeous and allows every woman to live out her life as a queen or princess, whichever she prefers. Samantha is the go-to for inspiring gothic fairytales and living your life in and shall we useContinue reading “Style Profile: Mr. Mortimer’s Wife, England”

Style Profile: Angela Caglia, Co-Founder, CEO of Angela Caglia Skincare

It’s no doubt that Angela Caglia is a master facialist, with a long-list of celebrity clients, it was time the skincare guru introduced her own skincare collection, based on simplicity, performance and quality clean ingredients. She’s been dubbed “The Hollywood Glow Girl” and with good reason, she uses her intuition to help guide her, deliveringContinue reading “Style Profile: Angela Caglia, Co-Founder, CEO of Angela Caglia Skincare”

Beauty Confidential: Ohlala Malala, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nothing like taking a peak into another woman’s beauty stash and closet. If I could raid Ohlala Malala’s vanity table, or handbag collection, come to think of it, her jewelry too, I would. All I would need is 5 minutes….. Ohlala Malala answered a few questions, specifically on her beauty routine, her skin always looksContinue reading “Beauty Confidential: Ohlala Malala, Buenos Aires, Argentina”