That’s a Wrap

Courtesy of Margo Baridon

I own so many shawls and ponchos, in various colors, and now there are so many new temptations. Like this new hybrid by Margo Baridon, you can wear it over anything and add jewelry like Olivia Palermo in a photo by Diego @Collagevintage2.

Courtesy by Margo Baridon

Discovering new brands also makes it harder to stay within a budget, the only thing holding me back is size matter, or the idea of styling my wraps/shawls differently. I am going to have to experiment before investing in these gorgeous finds.

Diego @Collagevintage2 – Olivia Palermo, March 17, 2018

I’m also in-love with the new Cashmere Shawl Scarf by Vince.

$295 –
$295 –
Courtesy of Margo Baridon

Now, I just have to practice and see if I can pull-it-off. Here’s to wrapping things up.


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