Express Facelift Cream $129.99

I’ve never used Botox, I never had to. Recently I’ve noticed my skin getting a little less plump, and a few minor lines on my forehead, really minor though, still not enough to need Botox, but enough to bother me.

I turned to a few tried-and-true items in my arsenal and added a new one by Glo24. Their Express Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Facelift Cream is infused with 24k Gold, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A,C & E. I can honestly say that those little lines on my forehead are gone. My forehead is as smooth as a babies bottom, don’t you just love products like that? I know I do. Now, this isn’t a replacement for Botox, but it can assist if you’re in-between appointments or stranded on a desert island. Or if like me, you have minor little lines you want to get rid of. Just remember to pat it on the troubled spots.


Other favorites of mine are Mineral 89 from Vichy, a face moisturizer infused with natural origin hyaluronic acid and 15 minerals of Rich Vichy Volcanic Water that strengthens and repairs the skins water barrier. Skin literally stays plump and hydrated.

Lumene Moisture Booster, Artic Aqua $25

Another favorite that I discovered years ago is Lumene’s Moisture Booster, Artic Aqua. This is for all skin types like the other two mentioned and it’s advanced gel formula improves your skin instantly. I remember when I first started using this, a very handsome Parisian touched my skin and asked me how I kept my skin so plump, I should have been offended, but I wasn’t. He was cute and his accent melted my heart.

Lumene has other products that are part of the same Artic Aqua collection, as this one is hard to find.

Here’s to plumper skin and getting rid of pesky laugh-lines, etc.


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