Style Profile: Emily Maynard, of Elva Fields

Courtesy of Emily Maynard

I came across Elva Fields Jewelry Studio looking for my own blog, and I fell-in-love with the jewelry pieces, especially the Miriam Haskell necklace, Fun At The Ready. Looking at the rest of Emily’s designs, and reading about her background and Great-Grandmother I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know better.

Courtesy of Emily Maynard

If you’re looking for a new novel to read, or a great place to eat-if you ever find yourself in Louisville, KY, keep reading.

In-between designing new pieces and taking care of her family Emily found time to answer a few questions, and I’m glad I asked them.

Ali McGraw

Fashion Icon: I’m not sure I have one; I love taking inspiration from bits and pieces of women I see in life and elsewhere and how they dress, but if I had to choose, maybe a combination of Ali McGraw, Jessie Randall, Jane Birkin, and Paris-based painter Nina Koltchitskaia.

Via @ModaOperandi

Between them, there’s an effortless chic (often in jeans and a t-shirt or blouse, which is something I wear often,) styles that set the stage for a statement necklace, a feeling of collected pieces that stand the test of time, occasional playful patterns, and hints of vintage here and there. 

Last item purchased before the pandemic: The day before most retail locations closed here in town, I made a trip to a favorite local art shop to stock up on supplies – paper tablets, paint, brushes – for me and for my children. I had a feeling it was going to be a long, uncertain stretch of time at home, and I wanted to be sure we were equipped to create and enjoy. 

Red Hog Artisan Meat
2622 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

Favorite Restaurant: Red Hog here in Louisville. It’s a laid-back gem of a spot to which I can walk in my neighborhood, and there is not a single “miss” on the menu. Everything is delicious (and ingredients mostly local and raised/grown with care.) Whether I’m meeting girlfriends for drinks in their courtyard or sharing a hand-tossed pizza with my children that we watched being made in the open kitchen’s wood-fired oven, it is my all-time favorite.

Last book read:
The Dutch House by Ann Patchett because everything she writes is a joy to read.

Fun At The Ready – Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields

How do you find inspiration for your designs: I love to let the materials guide me, so any trip to a flea market or antique shop to hunt for vintage treasures almost always leads to some fun and unexpected ideas.

Beauty routine, any favorite products: Truthfully, I don’t wear much makeup, so no real routine to speak of…but a few favorites are RMS lip2cheek in Smile for a happy flush, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask once in a while to keep skin fresh, and Glossier’s Boy Brow to help my blond eyebrows show up. 

And – my lips always seem to be dry (even with the South’s humidity in the summer months) so I keep a tube of Lanolips at the ready.

If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: My Everlane high-waisted jeans.

Plans for after the pandemic: I actually just returned from a post-vaccination trip (my first trip in 15 months, I think) to the West Coast. I’d never been to Northern California, and a week around San Francisco and in the Napa River Valley was so good for my soul – the golden light, the delicious food (and wine!), and the easy attitude – and great company. It was tough to leave, but it’s great to be back feeling refreshed a bit after a long stretch at home.

Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields
Eye On The Prize – Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields
Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields
Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields
When Life – Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields
Courtesy of Emily Maynard- Elva Fields

To follow Emily on Instagram @Elvafields.

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Here’s to running around Chic in Louisville, KY…….oh, there are earrings too!


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