The Summer Tote

$85 USD Courtesy of

I’ve been dreaming of Maui, and a new vacation tote-bag. I found a few that might fit the bill. My favorite is by oaxacaXamor. It reminds me of the curtains in Pedro Almodóvar’s movie Pain & Glory.

$85 USD Courtesy of

oaxacaXamor has an online store, but since my friend Daniel is going to Oaxaca for a month, he’s going to bring it back for me, we arranged for him to have a tour of the Bodega. These bags are an updated version of the plastic market bags, made with recycled plastic in modern designs. They are all beautiful, but I know which one makes my heart skip a beat, but I’ll take whichever one is available.

$85 USD Courtesy of

Other tote bags that are nice are Cuyana’s New Canvas Tote, it comes in two colors.

Kiki Tropez Tote

I’ve included a few other bags that would also fit the bill, from Lorna Murray and Vince.

Here’s to summer vacations…..


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