Style Profile: Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

I met Carlin by accident, actually there are no accidents, I met Carlin because I have been preparing for a wellness routine of my own and her answers are a guide. I bought a little red notebook that has been sitting in it’s shopping bag and now I know why I bought it, to note down my daily food intake, my meditation mantras, a wellness guide like tongue scraping in the mornings as well as at night, etc. I have enjoyed her answers, and look forward to a continuing friendship.

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

Carlin, knows about wellness and I went as far as to order the two books she mentions in this Q&A. If you need help getting into a wellness routine, you will want to consult with Carlin. She can take Zoom Meetings, and get you on the path to wellness.

In-between her consultations, taking care of her family she found time to answer a few questions, I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Fashion Icon, or anyone you admire in the wellness sector: I don’t have a specific person in mind, but rather everyday women that I would see during my daily life that I admire. Living in Berlin definitely informed my style more than anything else in the past few years. Women who are comfortable in their skin, they dress functionally and fashion forward yet the style is timeless and not based upon the latest fad or craze. They aren’t afraid to occasionally take risks, mixing high and low yet look effortlessly put together and very feminine as well.


When it comes to wellness, I focus upon optimizing my current state of being while doing all I can to support the longevity of my health. I always have daily rituals that make me feel complete yet I am also always checking in with myself to be sure this is what I need at this time in my life, the season or the day.  It is key to stay aware, flexible and committed. Right now, I depend on a morning tongue scraping, a big glass of warm water with lemon, a daily sweat from exercise, a dry brush before my shower and breathwork. 

I am a voracious reader of all things related to health and tune in to podcasts for gathering new information.  I don’t have one wellness ‘go to’. I am drawn to people in the “wellness space” that represent authenticity, transparency and curiosity.

Beauty routine: Favorite beauty products are Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash, Herbivore Botanicals Bakuchiol and Herbivore Phoenix Rosehip Anti-aging Face Oil.  I love Ilia Limitless Mascara and Ilia Multi-stick, Vapour eye liner and Olio e Osso for tined balms. I swear by Skin Food by Weleda for my daily full body moisturizer.

What shade of Red lipstick are you wearing in your photo: I am wearing Royal by Kosas, it’s my current favorite.

Favorite Restaurant: If I could click my heels and be anywhere, it’s the intimate restaurant at the Ammos Hotel on Crete. The terrace is perched over the sea, the sunsets are magical and the food beautifully blends Cretan tradition with experimentation.  Every meal there feels both nourishing and inspiring.  

Irakli Avgoula, Chania, Crete 731 00, Greece – +30 2821 033003

Last book read: Breath by James Nestor. This book has helped my breathing in everything I do- from my long runs to yoga to sleep.  It has reminded me how such an essential bodily function has the power to improve the quality of our wellness with small, basic measures. 

If you could live in any piece of clothing or item, what would it be: Since growing my hair out (to silver), I am having a love affair with all shades of blue.  I am most often seen in something denim or in the summer in a sundress + clogs or high top Vans. Having a young kiddo means I need to be ready to play tag on the way to school or not freak out if I get smeared with avocado or paint when she reaches in for a hug.  I like my clothing to be tailored and put together but also playground proof.

Last purchase before the pandemic: Plane tickets…..(sigh).

What is culinary wellness: Culinary Wellness is embodying a positive state of health and well-being.  It is about curating a balanced lifestyle through diet, movement, rest and relaxation practices with a positive, reflective mindset.  

Why is culinary wellness important, especially during postpartum: Looking back, I realize how much attention is put towards pre-natal and pregnancy and far less is put towards postpartum support.  All stages are important. But for postpartum, women need a different type and level of support that is less obvious. It’s a time of so much adjustment that encompasses the physical, emotional and the spiritual.  Your body doesn’t feel like your own, your hormones feel like they are dragging you in many different directions and on top of that, you are sleep deprived. It is a lot to deal with. 

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

Nourishment through food is essential to support the new mother while their body is repairing itself. This nourishment can come in many forms, such as food, acupuncture, exercise, uninterrupted rest, meditation, herbal baths and more.  I always say, the best gift anyone can give a new mother is healthy, grounding homemade food that they can store in their fridge so they do not need to cook.

The First Forty Days by Heng Ou provides a wealth of information for nourishing the postpartum mother. I wish it had been published when I had my daughter seven years ago.  While I felt like I had many tools to rely upon, I was desperate for guidance. Heng’s tone is soothing and supportive and the book is both accessible and beautiful. 

A simple recipe anyone can follow: I love a good green sauce. Some people refer to them as pestos, herb pastes or green sauces. That said, I don’t have a recipe, I most often let what I have on hand be my guide.  My favorite combination is parsley, cilantro, chives, scallion, garlic, lemon, a pinch of cumin and a few glugs of olive oil all blended into a smooth green sauce.  I now have my husband on the job and he always surprises me.  Last night he made one  with ramps,  parsley, pistachios, lime and olive oil. 

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

It’s a great way to use up herbs in the fridge (and sneak in extra nutrients.).  I love throwing together a dinner in a bowl  that features a grain, a cooked vegetable, a raw vegetable and a protein.  The green sauce adds that certain special something that always makes it feel like more than a collection of random ingredients.  

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

Do you believe in a detox plan: I don’t subscribe to one specific detox plan.  I work with my clients to assess what their specific needs are. We start by taking a deep dive into  their daily eating habits through a food journal. From there,  I support them by creating a bespoke program that is filled with tools for change that they can eventually use and follow on their own.  For example, sometimes we begin with an elimination diet, subtracting items from their diet for 30 days and then adding them back in and noticing how their body responds. Each body needs different things at different times.  The most vital thing is that the client feels committed to the process because it is indeed a process. There is no single solution or quick fix.  I will also add that one cannot detox if they are in a stressed state (i.e trying to maintain their normal daily activities in the same way). A detox needs to be about simplifying and self-care beyond diet.  It means adding into your life extra sleep, extra hydration, extra time in your life to reduce stress, and engaging in activities that allow the body to restore and reset. 

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Wellness Culinary

A simple recipe: Roasted strawberry rhubarb. Yes, it takes the magical duo to a whole new level. Roasting intensifies and concentrates the sweet tart flavor and also allows the fruit to retain its shape.

1 lb strawberries, halved

1 lb rhubarb, cut into ½ inch pieces

1/3 c sugar (I like coconut sugar)

1 lemon, juiced

Pinch of sea salt

Preheat oven to 375 F. Combine the strawberries, rhubarb and sugar in a ceramic dish. Roast for about 30 minutes until everything is caramelized and soft but still retaining its shape. Remove from oven and stir in the fresh lemon juice and salt. Top morning steel cut oats, swirl into plain yogurt or beside a cake for dessert.

What sort of menu is recommended for people fighting off inflammation or depression: As I said about a detox,  these are very individual and can take time to develop and to implement.  There is an emphasis on fresh, whole food, plant rich diet with well sourced proteins consumed in moderation. The basic tenants are eliminating processed foods which is anything in a package or worse yet, you cannot recognize some of the ingredients, refined flour and sugar, alcohol and red meat.  Working with a practitioner as a guide makes the process feel easier, especially if  this is a  major overhaul to your routine. 

To reach out to Carlin for a consultation email her

Courtesy of Carlin Greenstein, Culinary Wellness

To follow Carlin on Instagram @Carlinwellness

Here’s to running around chic and healthy…..


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