The Controversial Sneaker

Photo @la_bugia_bianca & @millicent_endcott

Some people are boycotting New Balance over misinformation, New Balance does not support bigotry, racism or hate in any form, yet people believe that because New Balance donated money to the Trump Campaign, that they must support hate in all it’s forms. All companies donate money to both Democrats and Republican’s, New Balance is not the only company that has done so in the last or previous elections.

 990v5 $184.99

That means that we can wear our New Balance without feeling guilt. I tend to wear mine and just ordered another pair this morning.

New Balance has seen an increase in sales in 2020 and used to be dubbed the orthopedic shoe, but times have changed and they are now considered chic. They have been seen on the streets of Paris and San Francisco, Italy, you name it, New Balance is a classic that isn’t going away.

Looking at these photos I would say it’s

Photo @losangelinainparis

For more Parisian Street Fashion @LosAngelinainparis


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