The NEW 7-Day Beauty Ritual

After reading Jane Druker’s interview on, I had to order The Firming Concentrate from 111Skin. I have older skin, yes I can admit it and it’s not in bad shape, but a 7 day beauty ritual I can handle and I’m super excited about improving the condition of my skin.

I was torn between the Firming Concentrate and The Radiance Concentrate, but I mean I have enough in my beauty arsenal to give myself glowing skin or fake glowing skin. Although I would rather not fake it, it’s nice to know that I can in a pinch.

The Hydration Concentrate and The Clarity Concentrate are rituals you would take on vacation, because the cold or hot weather would dehydrate your skin or create havoc by causing a breakout. You just never know how your skin is going to behave, I’m known to travel with a lot of skincare.

The Y Theorem Concentrate is a ritual you would want to use every 3 to 6 months, life has a way of causing stress and you will want to repair and strengthen your skin. Personally I am all about firming my skin at the moment, and bit the bullet.

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