Pearls Are Everywhere

Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery

Pearls are unique, they are the only gem created from a living organism, they don’t require cutting or polishing, they are beautiful as they are and have been a favorite for centuries, all around the world. I started wearing a single strand of pearls to bed after watching Sex & the City, Carry inspired me to also wear pink and grey. I even bought a little fur capelet that belonged to a lady named Hazel.

I was sad when I learned that I looked better in pearls than I did in diamonds, I almost cried. But alas, I am a pearl gal. It must be my coloring, and lord knows that doesn’t stop me from wearing diamonds.

I’ve been branching out and bought another pair of pearl earrings, this time dangling earrings which I have yet to wear, and I am contemplating making another purchase, just haven’t been pushed over the edge yet.

When I look at these photos I find inspiration, so maybe, just maybe I’ll buy another pair of pearl earrings or necklace.


I love how Bobby layers her necklaces, she’s also a collector and seller of antique treasures @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery. Wearing layered necklaces is a more modern approach, but wearing them like they did in the 1800’s is also beautiful.

Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery
Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery
Portrait de Madame Moitessier, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1851, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
May 1, 1843: Wedding of Adeline Helbert (1825-1892) 

Here’s to single strands, double strands and triple strands, to pearls.


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