Shopping The Look

Photo Taken by Anita Rivas

Strolling around Fillmore Street last weekend I came across a lady that was summer ready, chic, tasteful, pulled together in that casual Northern Californian way. San Franciscans don’t over do it, we prefer quality over quantity and tend to shop for the long-term and not trendy pieces, although it’s tempting.

RORY JACKET $299; BURBERRY Cotton-piqué polo shirt $370; FRAME Ali high-rise skinny jeans $220;
K. Jacques
 Women’s Brown Sandals Picon F Cc Cnc Pul Naturel $260
The Benoît Bucket Tote in Natural $190; BOLSA ARTESANAL TEJIDAS DE PALMA $55

Lumia Helia Duo Chain Necklace $348

Here’s to running around chic…….

Summer in Paris – Part Deux

My friend Cindy is lucky that she lives in Paris, she’s a photographer and takes some really good street photos of the locals running around Paris, either going to work or running errands.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Here are a few more photos that make me wistful for travel, or just getting my life back in general.

Another well-known street photographer is Anastasia Fedoseeva known as thestreetpie. She’s generously allowed me to use her photos, her examples are of the more fashion oriented ladies of Paris, and the dresses are equally inspiring.

Courtesy of @thestreetpie
Courtesy of @thestreetpie

Basically ladies, oversized dresses are in, florals are just as popular as black and pretty much anything goes, just think of comfort.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Foundation Rotation


Everyone that knows me, knows how much I am into skincare, but what people don’t realize is that I love, love makeup. Especially a good foundation. I like my foundations to have minimal coverage, and that the outcome result is to just look polished, not artificial. Foundation isn’t meant to conceal imperfect skin, but to illuminate good skin.


I also try to get a little sunscreen in a foundation if possible. Otherwise I apply the SPF after my moisturizer.

Here’s to the right foundation…..

Mental Health Audio Book Recommendations

We all have days when we are more engaged in our own minds, and being alone in your thoughts for too long is not healthy. Here are the audio books that I listen to when I need to be pulled out of my own mind. These audio books are calming, soothing and they explain a lot. Highly recommended.

Did you know that when you judge others they pickup on that energy and then they are uncomfortable around you, they end up disliking you and don’t even know why? The Judgement Detox helps understand that process, and helps us in not judging others.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Wayne Dyer, his lectures have helped me so much and I find myself going back for more when a refresher is needed.

This is my favorite Deepak Chopra audio book, I have many but these are the three audio books that have helped me the most.

Here’s to mental health….

Style Profile: Erika Madariaga, Personal Coach, And Founder of Botanical Rituals

Courtesy of Erika Madariaga

I stumbled upon Botanical Rituals by accident, or did I? I instantly felt a connection and reached out to Erika about featuring some of her jewelry on my blog. I then went ahead and signed up for the complimentary Comeback Queen Strategy Call.

Love Ritual Set – Courtesy of

Although the coaching session is out of my budget at the moment, I walked away inspired, Erika teaches us to listen to our intuition. I know from experience that intuition is when a thought comes to you without any emotion, positive or negative, that’s intuition talking to you. The question is, are you going to listen or ignore it?

Erika is a lovely woman and I had to get to know her better, and luckily for me she had time to answer a few questions.

Fashion Icon: Talitha Getty. She was exotic, artistic, bohemian, ahead of her time.  She was also the opposite of a fashion victim, she had her own authentic style.

Favorite Restaurant: Caviar Kaspia in Paris because it is both delicious, and glamorous.  The kind of place you dress up to go to.  It always makes me feel like I am celebrating.

Last book read: Win at Losing by Sam Weinman.

What was your last purchase before the pandemic: Silk pajamas: I love luxurious loungewear.

Courtesy of Erika Madariaga

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: A cotton kaftan-I live in it.

Let’s talk about your jewelry collection: I created my jewelry collection to inspire and empower. It is an extension of my purpose-to help women find their divine purpose and reclaim their Power. Through my jewelry, I want to remind women that they can create whatever they want.   They get to choose how they show up in their lives.  That is why most of my jewelry pieces are intentional.

The crystals I use are also super healing.  All the pieces are hand made.  They are sacred pieces.  Created for manifesting and empowering. My jewelry is about stepping into your sovereignty-your inner Queen archetype.

Courtesy of

How did you become interested in wellness and spirituality: From a very early age I was always curious and spiritually inclined. I knew I was here to serve in a deep and meaningful way.  Later on, as a result of my father’s battle with cancer,  I became obsessed with health and wellness.

In more recent years, as a result of a very painful event in my life where I lost everything… I had to find my true self, and I had to learn how to turn my pain into purpose. 

I also learned how to manifest the kind of life my soul had always wanted.  That is why I love to help women find their purpose and monetize their divine gifts.  It feels amazing to know what you are here to do.  We don’t have to live out of scarcity.  We get to choose.

Courtesy of

How does someone benefit from your 30 minute coaching session, in other words why should they sign up: So, this is not a coaching session.  It is called the Comeback Queen strategy call. It is a time where we meet and chat.  I see how I can help you, and if we would  be a  right fit to work further at a deeper level.    We also come up with a strategy for your comeback.  Healing starts to take place in this session.  We start to awaken the Queen archetype inside of you.  It is an ancient energy of sovereignty and leadership.   I know that if someone feels called to apply for this Comeback Activation, it is probably because I have a sacred contract to guide this woman when she says YES to reclaiming her power and life. If you are ready to rise to the fullest and most glorious version of you, then this strategy activation is for you. I have a unique talent for finding people’s gifts and unblocking whatever is holding them back at the subconscious level.  I work with  women who are ready to rise to sacred and juicy abundance and learn how to manifest like never before.

Love Spell Vial – Courtesy of
Flower Magic Ritual Set- Courtesy of
Heather and Rose Quartz Set- Courtesy of

Do you believe that people who end up on your website are heading towards a path of spiritual wellness: Yes, I believe everyone who ends up in my website has a deep yearning for soul connection and spiritual awakening.  They want to learn how to manifest with ease, grace, and beauty. 

Here’s to finding that inner Goddess…..

For more To follow Erika @erikamadariaga_.

The Necklace of the Moment

Dean Collar in Gold

The Choker Collar is the necklace of the season, there are so many versions of it that you will be able to find one that suits your budget. I fell-in love immediately and found a gold-filled wire version on Etsy. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow and I am super excited because it’s coming to Maui with me at the end of August.

Dean Collar in Silver & Gold; Gold Choker Collar

The Dean Collar necklace in Gold by Partow sold out by the way, that was to be expected, it’s gorgeous. COS had a version that sold out in both metals and you know you have to have it if you can see yourself wearing it, having a chilled glass of sparkling overlooking the ocean.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Black N’ White Summer

1. RELAXED MIDI DRESS $115.; 2. DRAWSTRING DRESS $125 in Black and Off-White; 3. EMBROIDERED BLOUSE $115

I love wearing white, there was a time in my life that I could wear white without getting dirty. Now it’s basically white dress shirts or a white Mexican Peasant blouse. But let’s be honest, I do wear a lot of black. My mother used to get exasperated with me because I was either in Black, or dark grey with white or a splash of color on rare occasions.


I buy a few dresses and then a whole new collection comes out and then there’s sale and dresses I skipped to consider and new dresses I like. Can you guess which one is on it’s way to me as we speak and which one I already have in my closet? A hint, I like cultural looking clothing.

Here’s to running around chic in the summer heat…..

Beauty News Alert

Cate Lashes $22

I just watched the Instagram ITV between the Queen of Beauty, Jean Godfrey-June and Jenna Lyons and they convinced me to invest in the most natural looking lashes. LoveSeen is Jenna Lyson’s new project, she partnered with makeup artist Troi Ollivierre to create the most flattering false eyelashes and I can’t wait to try them. Beauty tip – to extend the life of your false eyelashes it’s best to not wear mascara, and you can get up to 10 uses, approx.

The Lash Tool $34

I also invested in the eyelash applicator tool, watching Jenna apply her lashes, it seemed like wearing false eyelashes is as easy as a one-two-three. One item I am waiting on is the adorable Little Brass Box.

The Little Brass Box $34

Since the Cate Lashes come in their own box type packaging I thought I would wait and see if the false eyelash thing is for me on a long term basis.

Here’s to natural flattering looking lashes……

Facelifts in Bottles & Jars

Anti-aging Essentials

I look in the mirror and I know age has finally caught up with me. I had to face reality, I will never have twenty-year-old skin again. However I did take care of my skin, I was a little lazy about it during the pandemic. Now I go through phases where I start with a skincare regimen aggressively and then get into a slump.

Erasa XEP 30 Serum
; Erasa SPF-30 Lifting / Sculpting Crème for Face; The Lifting and Firming Mask by La Mer

That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of a few bottles & jars that are giving me a lift, a facelift so that I at least look like I am pro-aging, yes that’s a new term I’ve heard recently, we are not fighting father time anymore, we are now entering a phase where we are embracing ourselves as we are. Welcome to the era of pro-aging.

The All-In-One Facial – Starter

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried my All-In-One Hana Cure Starter yet, I plan on traveling with it and I love the Glo24 routine set I was gifted, I can see a difference in my skin texture, it’s firmer, what lines and wrinkles I have are diminished, and my skin feels refreshed, mind you this doesn’t replace Botox but it sure does keep needing it at bay.

Erasa is a new skincare line that promises to replace the use of Botox, and so far Linda Evangelista is living proof that it works. The La Mer firming mask is a good addition to any skincare routine, but I recommend using this the night and day before an important event to reap the benefits of it’s firming effect.

Chanel used to have an amazing product that you applied before your primer, after your moisturizer but they discontinued it, sadly there is nothing like it out on the market, unless you count Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Here’s to firmer skin without the use of Botox…..

Pedicure Season

@aminahjillil – Designer
Founder & Creative Director – Sulina Sandal

It’s that time of the year again when hibernation is officially over. To get the energy to go out and sit in a chair for an hour, but we know we will feel better about ourselves afterwards. I know I always do after I have my hair dyed and get a mani-pedi. My pedicure is on calendar and I am looking forward to feeling like a woman again.


My toes are always in red, except for 2020 and most of 2021. What shade of polish are you going to use? My sisters and I always bring our nail polishes with us, because we are always looking for that perfect shade of red.

not red-y for bed $9
LE VERNIS – 528 Rouge Puissant $28

Here’s to running around chic……

Treasures from the Sea

Shello ocean creatures

Star of the week

Don’t you just look at these beauties and wished you lived near the Sea permanently? I know that I am longing to walk along the beach, sleeping to the the sounds of the ocean waves crashing…..wearing a summer black dress and wistfully wishing for summer vacation to never end.

Hand carved coral fish and diamond earrings
Coco and Coral Cornetto

Coral sea stars and sapphire, empirial topaz and citrine
Coral and diamonds, shark fin enameling earrings

The designs by Sara Beltran capture the natural beauty in an elevated way with artisanal handcraftsmanship, old world techniques and original designs. Each Dezso piece is beautifully handmade using precious and semi-precious materials that have all been hand-selected by Sara herself.

Here’s to running around chic this summer…

for more

Summer in Paris

Parisians know how to deal with the hot summer months, here in San Francisco everyone freaks out, most houses and buildings don’t have air conditioning. The similarities between big cities in the US and those across the pond are that we will be wearing dresses, sandals, big dress shirts and applying lot’s of sunscreen. There will be the occasional trouser, and sheath black dress, but most will be going neutral.

Ladies, it’s time to get a pedicure and run around chic…..

Intentional Jewelry

Love Necklace $229

Lately I’ve been focused on Health and wellness. Part of that journey is wearing intentional jewelry that helps me focus on meditating and remembering to think positive thoughts. They say that you can change your overall health and wellness by changing how you think.

Protection Amulet $249

Here are just a few necklaces that have caught my eye, they are all by Botanical Rituals.

Courage | Dainty Aquamarine $162
Courage | Aquamarine V $223 – Sold Out

Erika at Botanical Rituals will be featuring new necklaces soon, for more

Style Profile: Stephanie Duttenhaver Co-Founder of Sapelo Skin Care

Courtesy of

Have you ever wondered why a Georgia Peach had Magnolia skin? I did and then I came across Stephanie Duttenhaver and it all made sense. She’s a Georgia Peach and you guessed it with Magnolia skin. Stephanie is a grandmother that looks like anything but a grandmother.

Courtesy of Stephanie Duttenhaver

Stephanie along with her business partner Cindy Edwards developed a skincare collection that bypasses damage using micro needling, dermabrasions, fraxel and other invasive cosmetic services. Sapelo Skin Care mimics the immune system and heals and repairs the skin without causing harm.

Knowing this, I decided it was time to ask Stephanie a few questions, and she graciously found time in her busy schedule, here we go…. – David Downton, © 2012 David Downton.

Fashion icon: Carolina Herrera – her style is elegant and timeless yet her designs always look on trend. Her white blouses are perfection and they can dress up or dress down any outfit. Her signature fragrance, 212, has been my ‘every day’ perfume since the late 90’s.

105 E 37th St, Savannah, GA 31401

Favorite Restaurant: Elizabeth’s on 37th is an iconic Savannah restaurant. Their food is wonderfully consistent and they have a diverse selection of fine wines. Every Christmas we enjoy their annual Caroling Dinner where a group of acapella carolers move from room to room singing traditional Christmas Carols. Each guest leaves with a bottle of their famous Gregarious eggnog – it’s the night that kicks off my holiday season.

Last book read: I just finished up Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro and News of the World by Pauleltte Jiles. One looks forward to a technology-driven future and the other looks back to the post-Civil War era.

Last item purchased before the pandemic: I booked a vacation to Eastern Europe in January but then it all unraveled.


If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: A silk caftan – they are comfortable and cool in Savannah’s heat. My favorite brand – Wrap Up by VP – so luxurious.

Beauty routine: For my complexion, Sapelo Skin Care and for my hair, Biolage Advanced Keratindose – it is wonderful for humid weather.

Plans for after the pandemic: A family wedding, a new grandson and a UGA vs CLEMSON football game.

Why is your skincare different from other brands: If you take a close look at most anti-aging strategies – dermabrasions, needling, acids (including retinoids), peels and lasers – they all work by damaging our skin at different levels of the dermis and/or epidermis. The incurred damage recruits your body’s natural immune system response – a cascade of healing cytokines – that heals and replaces the injured cells. Your body is simply responding to damage. Sapelo Skin Care is a scientific, anti-aging system that combines natural ingredients that closely replicate this inherent healing response to injury but without the injury. Our products gently infuse your complexion with healing serums and creams that encourage gentle cell-turnover and rejuvenation. Your skin will positively glow with health.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

For more about Sapelo Skin Care To follow Sapelo Skincare on Instagram @sapeloskincare.

Here’s to running around with healthy skin…..

Jewel Box


I fell in-love with Susana Vega’s MAURITA EARRINGS. I ordered my first pair today and plan to eventually acquire the necklace, the brooch and more earrings.

@anitamrivas[Really mini] MAURITA $45 MATERIALS: Glass Beads, USA Maine wood,  resin, 24kts gold filled wire.

[Really mini] MAURITA $45

The collection reminds me of the Mexican beaded necklaces and earrings, only these are glass beads, in modern shapes and designs. The color combinations and artistry are divine. I plan on taking these earrings on vacation with me this August.


I was so excited when I saw them, that I didn’t take the time to notice all of the other colors the earrings came in. This means I am going to at least purchase two to three more pairs, but slowly.


To see all of Susana Vega’s Jewelry

Here’s to running around chic…..