A Smaller Handbag

GRACE BAG $880 @APC-US.com

My sister has given our family two gorgeous children and my nephew is about to turn two. Running around after him at the playground has proven difficult when carrying a bigger bag. Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my handbags. Since I’ll be in Maui in late August, I purchased a Paravel cross-body bag for when we are out on the boat for our night cruise or jet-skiing. I started using it for running errands and I decided I like traveling lighter.


I went ahead and ordered myself an early birthday present, mind you it’s not a top designer handbag, but it’s a handbag brand with a cult status. It modernizes my style without being showy or ostentatious. I have a Chanel, a Celine, several YSL’s and LV’s and I just don’t feel right about carrying them around when there is so much poverty in the world. Mind you, if you want to carry yours that’s fine, no judgement here.

BETTY BAG $525 @APC-US.com

I’m just not comfortable carrying a Chanel while standing inline at the pharmacy when there are people waiting in line with me who can’t afford their medication.

But back to happy thoughts, back to my handbag. I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme of leather embossed handbags, I prefer it to the basic calf skin that will attract scratches.


Can you guess which one I bought, it was on sale and the price was right.

Here’s to running around chic…….


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