The Gathered Dress


The minute I saw this dress, I imagined myself wearing it, walking around carefree on the streets of Rome. Walking around happy, meeting friends for coffee or outside dining. I’m not supposed to be shopping, but I had to do it. My heart skipped a beat and I acted fast, this dress for sure is going to sell out, the color is unlike anything I’ve worn in a long time, my mother would be happy.


I like Cos, it’s budget friendly, the items are well-made, they last forever and they keep me from dressing like a suburban grandmother. I was out with my nephew and someone asked me if he was my grandson and my sister looked at me and said, we have to admit it, we are old enough to be grandmothers, I’m like if we had kids in our twenties, which we didn’t.


I am also sure there are some suburban grandmothers that are more stylish than I am, but I think you understand.

Here’s to summer dressing…..


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