A Love Affair With Turquoise

Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe

When my sisters and I were younger my mother had bought us a little turquoise set, which consisted of a necklace and a ring. I was in-love with my little set and hid it somewhere in my room, thinking it was a safe place. Little did I realize it was too safe and had a hard time finding them. I eventually found them, and now all I have is a memory. I do have a turquoise ring, which I rarely wear. But that doesn’t mean I am not intrigued by turquoise. I love the combination of turquoise, gold, diamonds and pearls. It reminds me of the little church where my parents were married.

Millicent Rogers, Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1949

It was Millicent Rogers that put Native American Art on the map and successfully lobbied for it to be classified as historic and protected. She was a huge collector or Native American Art and jewelry, which can be viewed at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, New Mexico.

Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe

I’m showing you bracelets from an adorable little shop in Santa Fe, Shiprock Santa Fe. They have belts, necklaces, blankets and so much more in their selection. Shiprock Santa Fe is a destination when one is visiting. I’ve been wistful lately about wearing bracelets when the pandemic is completely over and life resumes back to normal.

Here’s to running around chic….

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