Foundations For Every Body – Skims

Kim Kardashian-West and Kate Moss made headlines this past week, when the two were seen together having a private tour of the Vatican. To be in Rome, although I would never go to Vatican City again, unless it was to go to the little Italian restaurant we discovered on our last trip. The reason, I don’t like crowds or waiting in line.

Fits Everybody bandeau bra – Onyx

The reason Kim and Kate were spotted together is because Kate is the new spokesperson for Skims. Kate Moss is an icon, a fashion powerhouse that translates all generations. The only supermodel that doesn’t have her own Instagram page, why? Because she doesn’t need it.

Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist briefs – Onyx

I have an off the shoulder dress I plan on taking with me to Maui this coming August and I’ve been eyeballing the Skims collection on Net-a-Porter and finally succumbed and ordered the Bandeau to wear underneath it. The fabrics are luxurious, and Ms. Kardashian-West makes them to celebrate all women, they come in all sizes.

Thermal ribbed cotton-blend leggings – Soot

Of course I am eyeing more from the collection, but I am not supposed to be shopping, wink.

Fits Everybody triangle bralette – Onyx
Bonded High Waisted shorts – Onyx

Here’s to running around chic…..


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