The Best Madeleines in Paris

courtesy of @Le_Bon_Cin

Madeleines are so Parisian. The petit cake shaped in a shell brings to mind the Venus you may have seen at the Louvre, or the story or a little girl in a boarding school but Madeleines are much more chic now. Along with everything French and or Parisian that is always on the fore front of trends and fashion, this much beloved kids snack is back and refined.

courtesy of @Le_Bon_Cin

The Famous Ritz Hotel has a pastry shop inside with their famous Madeleines, but I came to Rue de Rivoli to try out this new brand I spotted across the street from the Louvre gardens of Tuileries, so intriguing.

Tray of Madeleines

Not far from the Place at Concorde is where you’ll find Mado à Paris. I wonder if the name is a take on the very common “in Paris” theme, either way, it is very instagram friendly.

The Madeleine was delicious. Living here in Paris we eat a lot of Madeleines, especially living with children so as soon as I tried this Mado à Paris I could appreciate the better quality than the store bought Bonne Mamman. The variety of different flavours are exceptional and very enticing, must try them all

The café is designed beautifully with modern design, in natural wood colors and framed black and white vintage Parisian photographs, chic enough for chic pictures on Instagram.

Variety of Madeleines at Mado à Paris

Being so close to the Louvre on the Rue de Rivoli makes this stop a must. A Madeleine of Mado à Paris is worth the visit and the view on the outside terrace will be ideal when the Tour de France rides in.

This is a cute shop I’ll come back to, especially since the guy behind the counter was very hospitable and spoke English. It was a pleasure to stop here and try the best Madeleines in town. I’ll meet my friends here for Tea and a Madeleine soon, as we run around chic in Paris.

Mado à Paris on Rue de Rivoli, Metro Concorde

Written by: Cindy Lucas




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