Beauty Confidential: Ohlala Malala, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nothing like taking a peak into another woman’s beauty stash and closet. If I could raid Ohlala Malala’s vanity table, or handbag collection, come to think of it, her jewelry too, I would. All I would need is 5 minutes….. Ohlala Malala answered a few questions, specifically on her beauty routine, her skin always looksContinue reading “Beauty Confidential: Ohlala Malala, Buenos Aires, Argentina”

Running Around Chic with Glowing Skin

The pandemic is finally ending, soon everyone will be vaccinated and we will be able to travel, visit museum exhibits, go out to dinner with friends and just maybe start dating again. Life has been on hold for several single people that were single before the pandemic. I remember an article I read that ElizabethContinue reading “Running Around Chic with Glowing Skin”

Preparing for the end of the Pandemic

I started upping my skincare game when the pandemic started a year ago, but then grew lazy and almost despondent. One of my best friends told me once that I was the type of woman that could never let herself go, completely and he was right. I started again and just made another beauty purchaseContinue reading “Preparing for the end of the Pandemic”