Perfectly Groomed Brows


Have you ever felt like you’ve been living under a rock? I do sometimes, especially after discovering an author, a novel that was published decades ago, a bottle of wine, or art and music that I felt I should have been aware of. Well, my latest living under a rock moment was yesterday, when I discovered brow soap. I had never heard of it before and I am supposed to be a beauty junkie, like I am supposed to know. I’ve heard of grooming gel but never brow soap.

Soap Brows has been hailed as the best brow styling product by many professionals and with its stellar styling power, gentle moisturizing ingredients and portable packaging, we can see why. If you have come looking for the original browsoap and best product to style your brows, you’ve found it.

I’ve been brow challenged for as long as I can remember, this is something I need. You can layer the soap, building up the brow, what a novel idea.

Here’s to running around chic……


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