New Makeup & Fragrance


I can’t decide which new fragrance to get myself, or if one is necessary. I also want a new foundation, but I’m really not going anywhere, or wearing full blown makeup. But I like the fact that the Chanel Sublimage Le Essence De Teint comes with a foundation brush. I know that N30 is my shade, I hesitate because of the texture.

Eau de Parfum Twist and Spray $113

I’ll be going downtown on Saturday for the first time in two years where I will get to try on perfume and foundations, maybe sunglasses. About the Gabrielle by Chanel, I am unsure as to how it will smell on me and literally need to wear it for 15 minutes before making a decision. The question would also be, something to toss into my bag or to keep on the dresser?

3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Body Lotion Set $193

The only item I actually need is a good concealer, for those trouble spots that spurt out every so often. I used to not shop online, now I prefer to shop online. Once you are familiar with a brand, how something fits and wears there really is no other way to shop.

Here’s to running around chic…..

P.S I am still buying myself birthday presents…..

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