Shopping The Look – Basic Black & Gold

Roberto Coin
18K Yellow Gold Petite Oval Hoop Earrings $650; DORA 18K GOLD AND DIAMOND DISC CHARM $950; Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

There is just something about Black & Gold, it’s luxurious and chic. I wasn’t always into wearing yellow gold, preferring white gold or silver. But lately it’s been proven that I am my mother’s daughter. My mother loved jewelry. She made Jewelry contact before eye contact and I fear I am the same. All of my sisters and I are. If one of us is sporting a new jewel, believe me, we notice right away.

With my mother’s passing, several pieces were divided between my sisters and I, and that makes wearing the jewelry all the more precious, because she used to wear them. My mother had good taste, it always ran expensive, she never looked at prices because she knew how much it was without having to ask.

Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl; SERPENTI BRACELET

She hated that I wore black so much, a good friend of mine once said that he used to wear black, when he had something to hide. I just laughed.

Selena Gomez and Kate Beckinsale have proved in the above photos that basic black & gold are as fashionable, timeless and classic as ever. There are so many textures that it need not be boring.

Here’s to running around chic…..

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