Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum $47

I suffer from Alopecia areata . I had an outbreak 20 years ago and another slowly began and ended becoming worse while the pandemic was underway. The first time it was in several different patches around my scalp, and this second time it was all around my hair part. During the pandemic it was coming out in clumps, and I finally broke down and went to see my dermatologist. My dermatologist stopped the progression of losing hair, but I had to start combing my hair differently, and using products that strengthened my hair and helped me cover up the thinning around my hairline/scalp.

Compact Styler $16

I also started taking vitamins, like Viviscal, which helped strengthen hair from the inside out. Another product I started using after the shower, or even on a non-wash hair day, besides the use of corticosteroids is Better Not Younger’s Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum. I can totally see a difference in hair strength. I have much less hair falling out, and I can see the new hair growth.

I also found products that not only covered up the grey, but that also fill-in any thinner spots on my head.

Not only do I use a Mason Pearson hairbrush, but I also comb out my hair with the Compact Styler from Tangle Teezer. I spray my wet hair with Pinstripe by R&CO and comb away before applying any other product.


My all-time favorite shampoo is by R&CO too, Analog. My hair is left silky soft and manageable.


Now to coverup the greys and the thinning hairline I use R&CO’s Bright Shadows Root Touchup Spray, in dark brown. My hair looks more natural with this product.


Another item I’ve been using to help prevent hair issues is my hair towel by Aquis. I have several and travel with them too, I don’t spend the night anywhere without my Aquis hair towel or turban.

Here’s to running around chic with healthy tresses……


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