Madame Serpent

Courtesy of @frankeverett – @Sothbysjewels – @bulgariofficial
Queen Victoria’s Engagement Ring

Serpenti jewelry first came on the worldwide scene when Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria, the engagement ring was a serpent with an emerald head. Queen Victoria’s engagement ring was a promise of a happy ever after, and fertility. Since then the serpent has been a favorite among jewelry designers, like Bulgari, Graff and Cartier.

The serpent is a symbol of good, evil, wisdom and eternity. It is also seen as an amulet for protection, good fortune and health.

Courtesy of @frankeverett – @Sothbysjewels – #GraffDiamonds
Courtesy of @frankeverett – @Sothbysjewels – @bulgariofficial
Elizabeth Taylor taking a break on the set of Cleopatra wearing the Bulgari Serpenti watch that will be exhibited at PAD London by Siegelson.
Hemmerle Diamond, Colored Diamond and Gold Snake Bracelet – Courtesy of fd_gallery
Courtesy of @frankeverett – @Sothbysjewels – @bulgariofficial
Buccellati Gold and Diamond serpent ring – Courtesy of fd_gallery
Cartier Multi-Gem and Gold bracelet – Courtesy of fd_gallery

There are other budget friendly pieces, and you can always have one custom made. I once bought myself an Elsa Peretti silver snake pinky ring, but I misplaced it during a move and have never been able to find it…..

Here’s to running around chic…..


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