Moon Tea, a Herbal Beauty Tonic

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I came across Botanical Rituals by accident and I am so glad I did. I’ve been into wellness and healing. I started by listening to Gabby Bernstein and Dr. Wayne Dyer but more about that later. Slowly I am being drawn to more spirituality, like writing mantras down in a journal, listening to meditation music, praying more and just believing that the universe does have my back.

How to prepare your beauty infusion:

One ounce of dried organic Nettles

One ounce of dried organic Marshmallow Root

Two 32 ounce Mason jars or larger

a couple more mason jars, glass bottles, or glasses for storing (0r another larger Mason Jar)

-Spring Water or Distilled Water

-a strainer


To prepare this Beauty Tonic,  place one ounce of Nettles into a mason Jar,  then fill up with 32 ounces of water.  You don’t have to be precise, this is just a guide.  The whole point is to relax and enjoy while you are doing this, not to stress out over measurements.   The water to be used is room temperature.   Put a lid on this jar, and place it outside or next to a window so it’s exposed to the Moon overnight, thus making “Moon Tea”, and bringing a more feminine and nurturing energy into this infusion.

Do the same with the Marshmallow Root, you can even include Rose Quartz to infuse the tea with love. Then combine the two teas into a bigger jar and enjoy.

I went as far as to purchase a healing bracelet, I’ll let you figure out which one….


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