Parisian Profile: Wallace Woo “Zentimeter”

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Wallace Woo is so chic, he’s also an artist in Paris. He’s also a pop music singer, Fashion Week influencer and journalist , need we say more?

I remember him as a stand out personality at some Paris fashion week shows, always dressed to the T and chic style in his designer wardrobe. He later became a regular fashion friend I’d see at some of the shows, but then the pandemic appeared and changed the world and the fashion week schedules forever it seems.

We met up the first weekend Paris finally liberated/opened the terraces in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris. We went to see a Vernissage of a Female Chinese artist before going to Rue de Buci to have a glass of white wine and a mint water, where we chatted.

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What have you been working on during these pandemic restrictions? It’s called “Zentmeter”, I am really happy I finished this collection. Using “centimeter” I changed the “C” to “Z” to give the element of Zen to my visuals. During the confinement, I felt a lot of pressure, like most of the people. We were sad, we were crying, we didn’t know the future during the confinement, so I didn’t want to use so much color, at that moment we didn’t see color, we lost a lot of color, so that’s why I use “Black and White” in the collection, it also adds a calm peaceful feeling, so people can feel my paintings. Influenced by traditional Chinese Ink paintings, I use acrylic but normally acrylic is so thick and its hard to make water shapes on canvas, so that’s why I use European techniques to make Chinese style designs.

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How to describe your fashion and art style here in Paris: I have a Fashion background, when we attend Fashion week, we must dress very fancy, very colorful, but actually that kind of thing is not really me. I mean when I dress up like that, I like it, but when we dress up and go there, it’s really only for working. If you dress up too simple, no one cares about you in Paris, because in Paris we can say they are very cliché, so I have no choice, I need to survive, its my work, I need to stand out, so I dress up very colorful, but I prefer the black and white, minimal like in my art. It’s a contrast, I like that. I was a monk in my past life.

What is the message in your art: Very simple, find peace, I mean everyone has their different mindset, their different backgrounds, what they think is different, so I cannot control what they think, but I’d be happy when they see the colors, see the images if they find they are peaceful, I am already very happy. To spread peace. My soul is full of Vipassana. I’m still looking forward to an art expo, if someone can connect to my art, I’d really appreciate it.

Blanket by Wallace Woo Art

And you have expanded: I’m also doing fashion and lifestyle pieces, limited quantity of Interior Deco, which includes blankets, pillow covers, shower curtains and even customized Converse or canvas sneakers and other derivatives it’s all on the website

Shower curtain by Wallace Woo Art

What is your beauty routine and advice: First thing, is to stay happy. Happiness is most important. Second, no matter how tired, you really need to wash your face, no matter how late or tired you are. First using makeup remover, then a cleansing foam/gel with bubbles, going deep into the pores it cleans it better. Also, remember to use lip balm before bed, because when you sleep you open your mouth to breath and it chaps lips.

Photo by @losangelinainparis at DIOR SS21

What restaurant is your favorite here in Paris: My Favorite restaurant to go to in Paris is Uptown in Montmartre. Look at their instagram, you’ll see what I mean. I like Haute cuisine restaurants.

18 Rue Francœur, 75018 Paris, France

Where is your next vacation plan after this last year of lockdowns: I really want to go to Mexico, to South of America. I’ve already traveled quite a lot in Europe, so that’s why I want to go to Mexico, to try a margarita. I love tequila.

Citrus margarita @pujolrestaurant

Any “after covid” advice: “Wash your hands!” What I really want to say is “be happy” every day, we really need to value our time and do something you really want to do, we really don’t know what could happen tomorrow.

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Wallace Woo is a multimedia artist living in Paris.

To follow him on Instagram For more at and on YouTube for his music.

Here’s to running around artistically chic in Paris!

by Cindy Lucas




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