Style Profile: Surbhee Grover of Love, Indus

Courtesy of Surbhee Grover

Surbhee Grover is a visionary. She created skincare that’s a combination of her beloved India, the richness of regions where she grew up and New York technology, because everything we put on our skin should be good for us. Surbhee has a 20 year career helping beauty brands in their expansion and advising the beauty industry in formulating skincare that makes a difference before starting out on her own with Love, Indus.

Amrutini® Overnight Oasis
Luminosity Dewdrops – $135

She has a busy schedule, but found time to answer a few questions. I do have one question for her that I didn’t ask, and that’s why she didn’t become a model, I mean, I want what she’s having, don’t you?

Never have I ever

Fashion Icon: Every flamboyantly dressed pre-teen.  Some have an incredible eye and dress absolutely fearlessly – we should all be so fearless to reach for what we love, and don colors and styles and fabrics that make you, you. I’ve always believed that what you wear should make you happy and be an expression of what/ who you are.

Favorite Restaurants: I have many fond memories of meals at restaurants grand and simple.  The fondest memory is of a meal at an intimate, Michelin starred restaurant in Amboise, France.  It was my birthday and my husband and I decided on the restaurant at the last minute.  They must have had a cancellation as they had a place for us late at night.  It was a small space with outstanding, modern takes on traditional French cuisine.  The chef stopped by our table and was most gracious, kind and charming.  Embarrassingly, I remember neither the name of the restaurant nor the chef, but the memory of the evening is indelible.

Last Book Read: Cutting for Stone by Abrham Verghese.

The Renaissance, St. Pancras – Euston Road, London NW1 2AR

Last item purchased before the pandemic: I enjoy travelling and the lack of opportunity to do so in the last year has been tough.  Therefore the pre-covid purchase that brings a smile to my lips is a return ticket to London. We got back in late Feb 2020 just as things started to get uncertain, but it was a great trip and we stayed at one of the prettiest hotels I’ve been to – The Renaissance, St. Pancras. It’s like a fairytale castle with a gorgeous stairway, ornate decor and an atmosphere that takes you back to another era. Also, since I’ve lived in London for a few years, visiting is always a wonderful combination of feeling like I’m on a vacation and yet coming home – simultaneously.

V-Neck Shift Dress

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: That would usually be a shift dress (with pockets, because I’d rather not carry a handbag if I can help it! J) because of 4 Cs:

The Wrap Dress
  • (a) Comfort and movement – as an entrepreneur, and with a puppy on my hands, I find it especially important to be in something such that if I had to sprint at a moment’s notice, I could
  • (b) It’s a classic, not something that’s “in” or “out” from season to season.
  • (c ) It’s like a simple canvas you can dress up/ dress down with the help of a few accessories
  • (d)  The shift dress signaled a change (“shift”) as its popularity coincided with the start of a second wave feminism when freedom of choice (to move easily/ to dance) became more important than the previously favored corsets.

The alternative, for me, would be a wrap dress and I’m grateful to DVF for reinventing/ reviving this dress style – it’s flexible, not fussy, and yet quite flattering.

Amrutini® Precious Potion
Vital Cream – $110-

Beauty routine, what are you using now: Honestly, my beauty routine is not overly complicated.  I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin and burn easily in the sun and rarely use make-up. My routine consists of a few, powerful products that can be applied in a no-fuss fashion. My focus is on maintaining skin strength, healing, intense hydration and sun-protection. For non-SPF needs, I rely on our Amrutini® range which provides all the nourishment my skin needs.  And the slight whiff of (natural) fragrance in this range (which comprises of 18 essential oils including tuberose) gives me a much-needed moment of indulgence in my day.

Velvet :08 Broadway Bright
Detox Mask $58

I do cleanse with our Velvet :08 Broadway Bright detox mask once a week and use our Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter on expression lines as needed.

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Here’s to running around chic……


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