Flamin Hot

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There was a period in my life where I only had one pair of sneakers, I also couldn’t buy a pair of sneakers if my life depended on it. I depended on my younger sisters to pick them out for me, because when I bought a pair I ended up giving them away, I didn’t like them after I’ve worn them so returning them wasn’t an option.

Flame Sneakers $245 @US.Sandro.com

But now, things have changed and I am much better at picking out sneakers and own several pairs. Since my birthday is coming up, I’ve allowed myself to be a little more extravagant and finally ordered the Flame Sneakers by Sandro. The above photo was taken last winter and I’ve been hesitating ever since. I have a limit on how much I spend on sneakers, since it’s becoming an addiction. But I bit the bullet and ordered them this morning. There are a few other colors, but being a Leo, I have a penchant for Gold.

Flame Sneakers $245 @US.Sandro.com

If these fit and are comfortable, I’ll keep them and consider ordering another pair, there was another color combination I liked. Sandro also has boots that are worth considering.

Here’s to running around chic……


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