Lash Growth Serum $55

Have you ever wore false eyelashes, left them on overnight and woke up looking gorgeous? That’s because long lashes is all we really need, besides healthy looking skin. There was a period in my life when I was alternating Jan Marini Lash, Revitalash and Talika Lipocils. My results? Super long and thick healthy lashes.

Knowing from experience after wearing false lashes, I knew that lashes was all I needed to wakeup looking beautiful, especially after an adult-sleepover. I then decided to get a lash perm at Neva’s. My lashes were so long they hit my eyelid and it was uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that trimming my lashes was the only recourse.

Ladies, I can vouch for the products I’ve mentioned, I’ve had no negative side-effects when using either of those products. A new lash serum I recently started using is by Better Not Younger’s SuperPower Lash Growth Serum.

Finally, your lashes have a superpower of their own! Our serum has been clinically proven to increase lash density by 82% for naturally thicker, fuller, stronger lashes in as little as 4 weeks*. Powered by our proprietary blend of peptides, vitamins and nutrients, you’ll love the look of healthier lashes that are longer, darker and beautifully conditioned so they always bat a thousand.

Here’s to batting a thousand…..


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