The Ritz Paris Madeleines

Since the closed borders have changed the world’s behavior with travel, Europe might seem more difficult to reach than before the pandemic, many people had to cancel their Parisian travels and regretfully not being able to try the French favorite cake, the Madeleine at The Ritz, so I obliged.

The Ritz is famous for many things, the elegance, the historical figures who have stayed there, but did you know they are also famous for their Madeleines?

Like everything created in Paris, with such a long history of civilised and uncivilised people, the Madeleine has become a chic pastry or “patisserie” as they say in France. Yummy baked goodies. Used to be for kids, but now at the Ritz.

The Ritz puts the “frosting on top”, literally. Being a mom to 2 French boys, Madeleines become part of the lifestyle at a certain part in every French persons life… until you learn the fat content, haha, that’s why you can’t eat them every day.

I came by with my little 10 year old, he love’s madeleines, and so we entered the shop, after waiting patiently outside a couple minutes. We used some sanitary gel and continued to select and buy our madeleines. The staff are all so polite and soft spoken, it was a breeze. The madeleine is stuffed with their fruit filling, and glazed all over, sweet! I had a raspberry madeleine and it was divine.

The Comptoir, was a small space, with only 5 small 2 person tables, on the opposite side of the bakery, so I would recommend it as a walking snack better than a place to eat and people watch, there is no terrace outside, it’s on a little street and traffic moves steadily, so hopefully they find a better location.

Written and tasted by Cindy G Lucas




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