The Epitome of Modern Style

What is style? It starts off with embracing yourself, your body and loving yourself regardless of your weight. Then you add wearing pieces you love, and investing in quality basics, a nice handbag, a coat, sunglasses and some Jewlery and a nice pair of shoes. I used to think that one should not wear more than 3 colors in a color pallet. But the Olsen Twins have changed that for me. People that knew me, back in the day knew I had an aversion to brown, to anything brown and that I would never date a man who wore a brown suit, a friend of mine decades ago had a bad experience and her story stayed with me.

I love everything about the photo above, mixing all of those colors and textures. I wish I had thought of that. Another woman that dresses sublime is Olivia Palermo, when she’s not trying too hard and sticks with what she really loves. These women are not trendy, but invest in stealth wealth pieces, items of clothing they will not get sick of wearing. Sure, they have fun pieces in their closets, because one they have bigger closets and two, they have more disposable income. When you have more disposable income you can afford to make an error and purchase a piece for your wardrobe that you might wear once and wear a second time because you feel it’s what you ought to do.

Women should also not be afraid to re-wear an article of clothing, especially if they love it. This past weekend I went out with my sister and one of our best friends, it’s the 2nd time since the pandemic that I wore clothing that made me feel like myself. Grant it, it was 72 degrees in Santa Cruz, but there was a wind factor, and since I’ve been dealing with health issues, (I’m going to be ok) I tend to get cold more often and I wore a tan turtleneck sweater, a cool pair of Nike sweats and my Nike by Serena sneakers. Mind you, I also applied more makeup than I usually do and that helped in feeling more like myself, more polished which is usually the look I go for. Of course, there were drinks involved, that may attribute to feeling relaxed, and being in the moment, which is the reason we all had a great time. But I loved what I was wearing, which is really the point. I can wear all of my sweaters with those sweat pants and even wear ballet flats with them, plus wear that sweater with a pair of jeans or a skirt (which I have yet to own). I ended up buying another pair of those sweats on my way home, thank goodness for apps.

Remember, if there is a basic you love, whether it be a cardigan, a turtleneck, a pair of shoes, leggings etc…. it’s okay to have several pairs. One for everyday life and another for those moments when you’re going out and want to feel like yourself. I think I spend more money on duplicates than anything else.

Here’s to happy wardrobe building…..


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