It’s All About Hosiery

Photo Courtesy of @thestreetpie

Before the pandemic began, two years ago I had seen a photo of a woman wearing converse with fishnet stockings for socks. I became enamored and immediately ordered a new pair of converse and fishnet stockings. Which I have not been able to wear yet.

I love everything about the photo above, love the texture, the coolness of her nail polish etc. Patterned hosiery is big right now, but did it ever really go away? I don’t think so, at Sheertex one of their most sold stockings is patterned.

Cross My Heart Classic Sheer Tights $83; Fine Rib Classic Semi-Sheer Tights $43

I also should probably order a few pairs of the Wolford fishnet socks, I love the ribbed band at the top.

Roller Socks $21.45

Here’s to running around chic……


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