White Sneaker Trend 2021

The Long Lasting Preference

pic by @losangelinainparis

The Sneaker has cuddled its way into fashion, even high fashion and it’s a welcome trend by all no doubt. I recall my mother dressing up at home, wearing skirts with heels while preparing dinner, all in time before my father arrived from work. My mother now can’t wear heels anymore, the heels damaged her feet, thank goodness those days are long gone and women shouldn’t settle for less than comfort anymore.

pic by @losangelinainparis

The White Sneaker trend is the instant classic shoe now. I started noticing the trend in 2016 and the hash tag #sneakertrend confirms its long lasting legacy. It’s still going strong today. No longer for sports or tennis only, walking around the city is the sport of Parisians and the men and women are wearing white sneakers with everything.

Alexander McQueen Sneakers

The outstanding sneaker champ is the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker. It’s inexpensive and cute, that’ll match anything really. Nike Air Force One‘s are a close second that I’ve seen a lot around town. All the Haute Fashion houses have also invested in The Sneaker Trend, like the white sneakers from Alexander McQueen that resembles the Stan Smith Adidas shoe. Every designer brand will have that “all white sneaker“, so check it out.

pic by @losangelinainparis

Look for and follow the hashtags that highlight the “White sneaker” trend, they’ll surely give you inspiration to try this trend if you haven’t already… #Sneakertrend, #whitesneakertrend2021, #whitesneakertrend, #dresswithsneakers, #blacknylonswithsneakers, #allblackwhitesneakers, #skirtswithsneakers.

photo by @losangelinainparis

Stay chic and wear sneakers to run around chic in Paris.

by @losangelinainparis

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