Style Profile: Michele Quattrin of mQn Photography

Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography

I’ve known Michele for decades, you could say we were best friends during our bar hopping days, yes we went bar hopping and were quite a pair, the blonde and the brunette. Many a night we had drinks brought over to our side of the room. But we decided a long time ago not to kiss and tell. I remember when she was taking photography classes in college and made me her guinea pig. My only complaint is that her photos are always beautiful, in my opinion, she’s the Martha Stewart of photography. Michele can’t take a bad photo to save her life.

Photo via

In-between photo sessions and vacation she found time to answer a few questions, sort of like catching up without the drinks.

Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn.

Last book read: Rodham, I have fully enjoyed reading Curtis Sittenfelds other novels like Prep and American Wife and also some of her short stories so when I heard of this “what if” book I had to read it right away.  I definitely had tears when I hadn’t expected to.

Favorite Restaurant: Oh tough question.  Since the pandemic we have tried to support more local restaurants and forgo the chains.  It’s hard to choose one favorite. Best lunch with the ladies; Ingredients.  Favorite restaurant to take out of towners; Betty Dangers.  Best Date Night options; Mizo or Acqua. Best place for doughnuts; Glam Doll.

Photo via HBO Max

Last show you binged watched: The Undoing.

Glow First Priming Serum $59

Beauty routine: I’m ashamed to admit I don’t really have much of one.  Especially since the pandemic.  I wash my face nightly and I put lotion on in the morning but not much else.  I rarely even put makeup on anymore.   I have been using a lot of Beauty Counter product because I love how they are trying to get away from chemicals.  I absolutely love the face oils they have.  My favorite makeup product though is the Thrive highlighter.  It’s my no makeup look awake go out into the world look.

Lulu Lemon

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: Easy, high waisted yoga pants.

Last item purchased before the pandemic: This is weird because I remember being in Home Depot buying paint for a canvas I was going to create for my studio.  I remember this because there were two ladies asking for face masks and the clerk said “we are all out; someone came in the other day and wiped us out”.  I had no idea what was to come.

Photo via Art Spate – One Breath Photo

Which photographer influenced your craft: I have always had a love for black and white candid photography and no one has done it better than Henri Cartier Bresson.

Advice for a photography student: My biggest advice is to be yourself.  Do what sings to your soul.  If you see something that someone else has already done and you want to try it too, that’s ok to do, but do it your way.  Do it different. 

Plans for after the pandemic:  Well now that my family and I are fully vaccinated, we are excited to be heading to California to see our family this summer.  It’s been too long and too much has happened between our visits. 

Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography


Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography
Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography

Michele Quattrin, mQn Photography

Thank you Michele!


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