Style Profile: Denisse Kuri, Fashion Designer

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

There was a time when I traveled to Mexico once a year, as a child it was to Muzquiz, Coahuila and Acuna, Coahuila to visit family. As I matured, I visited other parts of Mexico, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, DF and Guadalajara. I love Mexico and I always brought back Mexican dresses and blouses, that I would wear in the summer. But then I discovered Denisse Kuri and finally bought a kaftan that I can’t wait to wear. I hesitated at first because of the sizing, wasn’t sure if anything would fit and now I have an idea on how the sizing works. Plus Denisse and I have become good Instagram pals, I can just text her to ask questions. She’s a genuine person, for all of her success, she responds to emails and instant messaging.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

In-between designing her next collection, trunk shows she found time to answer a few questions and if you’re headed out to Puebla, keep reading Denisse shares her favorite restaurant with us.

Frida Kahlo

Fashion icon: That would obviously be Frida Kahlo, I love how she made the traditional costumes her own. Wearing them proudly and making them transcend with her paintings.

Sopa Poblana

Favorite restaurant in Mexico: I love Mexican food but the one from Puebla, from where I am is by far the best. We have the chalupas, the mole poblano, the chiles en Nogada, and the best is at El Mural de los Poblanos, they have the Cemita de chalupas, that is like a sandwich of chalupas, the most delicious.

The Good Fight

Last book read: Saving the fire. (Salvando el fuego) from a Mexican writer very raw but really good.

Currently watching: The Good Fight. I loved The Good Wife and then got hooked.

Allumbre Stone

Beauty routine: What I’m looking for lately are sustainable, clean, eco friendly products. I discovered Allumbre stone to use instead of normal deodorant, also, local products like toothpaste and soaps and moisture from local producers in glass packaging.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Inspiration: I was inspired by the colors of Mexico and how could we translate the feelings and sensation they produce in you in our different embroidery and weaving techniques. Its also a very sustainable collection, 90 percent of our fabrics are handmade to avoid waste. We want our pieces to be forever pieces that transcend, that you would want your children to inherit.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Working with artisans: We’re always expressing ourselves through our clothes, the indigenous textiles have this way to make you feel in love with them because of the great time they require, what they are capable of expressing, and what they mean for our culture. I fell in love and decided I wanted more people to feel the same, and take their art to many more places.

If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: Definitely a long huipil, its the most comfortable, delicious piece of clothing.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Other brands you enjoy: I love Kenda for shoes, Casilda Mut, Simple by Trista, and traditional clothes or huipiles from artisans.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Plans for after the pandemic: I want to get active, start going to trade shows and pop-ups.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

To follow Denisse on Instagram @DenisseKuri.

Here’s to running around chic…..


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