The Goddess Kaftan By Denisse Kuri


Naturally this stunning Kaftan isn’t called The Goddess Kaftan, it’s just a name I gave it. To think I almost missed out on buying it, I ended up ordering the last one. I tell you ladies that my hands were shaking, I was so scared someone was going to buy it before I did. In case you don’t know who Denisse is, she’s a Mexican Designer, with a vision, modernizing the way Mexican clothes are designed, taking our traditions from the various parts of Mexico, working with artisans and creating the most modern, classic, glamorous and sexy dresses, kaftans, trousers, blouses, skirts and vests we have ever seen.

KAFTAN MATLALI – Bordado a mano por artesanas indígenas de Huixtan, Chiapas –

There are at least 6 more items I want, but I have to pace myself, this purchase was an impulse, honestly I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t get it. I envisioned myself wearing it, looking like a Goddess, a Mexican Princess. When I worked in Luxury sales, I always told my clients to envision themselves wearing the item they were trying on, and I would paint a picture for them and the results were magical. If you can see yourself wearing an article of clothing where you’re happy, then you know it’s meant for you.

KAFTAN AURELIA – Tedjido en telar de pedal en San Andrés Larrainzar y bordado a mano por artesanas indígenas de Xiloxochico, Cuetzalan, Puebla –

I also want the Kaftan Aurelia, and so many more pieces, but alas I have to wait.

VESTIDO IZTACCIHUATL – Tejido a mano en telar de cintura por artesanas indÍgenas de Zacualpan, Guerrero –

Thank you Denisse, thank you!

Here’s to running around chic…..


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