Style Profile: Stephanie Duttenhaver Co-Founder of Sapelo Skin Care

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Have you ever wondered why a Georgia Peach had Magnolia skin? I did and then I came across Stephanie Duttenhaver and it all made sense. She’s a Georgia Peach and you guessed it with Magnolia skin. Stephanie is a grandmother that looks like anything but a grandmother.

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Stephanie along with her business partner Cindy Edwards developed a skincare collection that bypasses damage using micro needling, dermabrasions, fraxel and other invasive cosmetic services. Sapelo Skin Care mimics the immune system and heals and repairs the skin without causing harm.

Knowing this, I decided it was time to ask Stephanie a few questions, and she graciously found time in her busy schedule, here we go…. – David Downton, © 2012 David Downton.

Fashion icon: Carolina Herrera – her style is elegant and timeless yet her designs always look on trend. Her white blouses are perfection and they can dress up or dress down any outfit. Her signature fragrance, 212, has been my ‘every day’ perfume since the late 90’s.

105 E 37th St, Savannah, GA 31401

Favorite Restaurant: Elizabeth’s on 37th is an iconic Savannah restaurant. Their food is wonderfully consistent and they have a diverse selection of fine wines. Every Christmas we enjoy their annual Caroling Dinner where a group of acapella carolers move from room to room singing traditional Christmas Carols. Each guest leaves with a bottle of their famous Gregarious eggnog – it’s the night that kicks off my holiday season.

Last book read: I just finished up Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro and News of the World by Pauleltte Jiles. One looks forward to a technology-driven future and the other looks back to the post-Civil War era.

Last item purchased before the pandemic: I booked a vacation to Eastern Europe in January but then it all unraveled.


If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: A silk caftan – they are comfortable and cool in Savannah’s heat. My favorite brand – Wrap Up by VP – so luxurious.

Beauty routine: For my complexion, Sapelo Skin Care and for my hair, Biolage Advanced Keratindose – it is wonderful for humid weather.

Plans for after the pandemic: A family wedding, a new grandson and a UGA vs CLEMSON football game.

Why is your skincare different from other brands: If you take a close look at most anti-aging strategies – dermabrasions, needling, acids (including retinoids), peels and lasers – they all work by damaging our skin at different levels of the dermis and/or epidermis. The incurred damage recruits your body’s natural immune system response – a cascade of healing cytokines – that heals and replaces the injured cells. Your body is simply responding to damage. Sapelo Skin Care is a scientific, anti-aging system that combines natural ingredients that closely replicate this inherent healing response to injury but without the injury. Our products gently infuse your complexion with healing serums and creams that encourage gentle cell-turnover and rejuvenation. Your skin will positively glow with health.

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For more about Sapelo Skin Care To follow Sapelo Skincare on Instagram @sapeloskincare.

Here’s to running around with healthy skin…..


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