A Love Affair With Beads……..


Did you know that beads were one of the first forms of trade, and that having beads scattered around your home is considered good luck…….

Amanda Thompson @Amanda_Thompson_Design
Amanda Thompson Sodalite Necklace @Amanda_Thompson_Design

My friend Twiga used to own an African Gallery, where she sold antique beads, some dating before AD. Because of Twiga I am the proud owner of an Evil Eye Bead, it would normally sell for 1k alone, but she gifted it to me during a period in my life where I needed spiritual protection. If I recall, it’s a Roman bead, made out of stone or glass, but what is special about this bead is that the colors are an intense navy, and the color seeps through to the inside, it fits on a standard chain. Amanda Thompson‘s Sodalite necklace reminds me those Evil Eye Beads of Twiga’s.

Amanda Thompson – Blush Rose Quartz Necklace @Amanda_Thompson_Design
Amanda Thompson – Pearl Necklace @Amanda_Thompson_Design

I remember the necklace she made out of those beads, she mixed them with 24k beads and antique coral beads, the result was stunning. Twiga was selling the necklace for 30k +, I kept telling her not to use so many Evil Eye Beads, but she wouldn’t listen. I wonder if she ever did sell the necklace. She went back home to Tanzania. Twiga was my introduction to beads, because of her I invested in a few necklaces and they are currently boxed away but eventually I’ll pull them out again. I helped her around her shop when she was away on vacation, and she had several books on beads. I remember a quote from a Prince that was enamored by beads and wore the same strand everyday, but I forget the actual language of the quote. I found that quote beautiful, I ended up ordering that same bead book the other day, “The History of Beads“.


I have several strands of pearls, in white, a baroque grey, a more traditional grey and gold, long strands and shorter collar size strands. I have periods where I would wear them daily, alternating them. One day I was wearing the long baroque grey, doubled and a co-worker was enamored with them, she said “I love your necklace” and I became one of those people that literally forget what necklace or earrings I had on, I always wondered how anyone could forget but now I know it happens. I mean you literally forget what your wearing sometimes. I answered” Oh, the beads, thank you”. I refer to pearls as beads, that’s how much the Prince’s quote moved me. I went as far as to scatter beads around my room too.

Amanda Thompson designs the most beautiful jewelry, for retail locations here.

“The creative inspiration that encourages me comes from my faith, loved ones, travels and years of an appreciation of good design in many forms.”

— Amanda

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