Style Profile: Rolanda Costa, Private jets Flight Attendant, Lisbon, Portugal

With her Puppy, Mia.

Rolanda is a woman that inspires, she exhumes beauty in all that she does. She’s a Jet-setter that travels the globe and befriends all those she comes into contact with, her radiant smile is contagious. Rolanda is no stranger to interviews and is as easily comfortable wearing a ballgown as she’s wearing jeans and sneakers.

She had a few minutes in between flights to answer a few questions.

Last Purchase: A pair of D&G sneakers.

Wearing Red Lipstick

Current Wish List: No clothing on my Wishlist, this pandemic has made me realize that I have more than enough.

Favorite Restaurant while at home: Seen, in the Tivoli Hotel. Depends on when I’m traveling, but nothing beats a good food market in Asia, where fresh food is prepared in-front of you.

Skincare: Because of my job, I use a lot of serums. Collistar, The Ordinary and Elizabeth Arden Capsules that I mix with my moisturizers.

Shoe shopping in New York

Items you bring home from a trip: I bring Collistar from Italy, it’s such a good brand. Plus perfumes, especially Dior Addict and Hermes. I’m currently wearing Un Jardin Sur le Toit.

Here’s to Running Around Chic!


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