Amy, RunAround Chic Muse

AmyL1I came across my next muse during my Sunday morning walk. I’ve seen several chic women that morning but none of them seemed friendly until Amy walked in and commented on the shoes I was trying on.


Well we both mutually commented on the shoes we were trying on. The conversation flowed easily,  but that’s what happens when you get women together in the shoe department.

I loved the details of her olive green cargo pants and their silhouette, but what I really noticed that morning was that San Franciscans adopted the uniform of running around chic in black and army/olive green,Très chic!

Name: Amy

Occupation: Engineer

Errands: Returning clothes (we laughed about this)

Style Inspiration: Ralph Lauren

Shopping Destinations: Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Last Call

Speaking with Amy I realized she was a transplant from New England and a welcomed addition to our lovely city.

AmyL2These were the shoes she was trying on, hope she took them home, they looked amazing.

Thank you Amy for running around chic!


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